Anne-Marie Groulx lives and work in Quebec City. Having been trained in ethnology, crafts and visual arts, her work questions the object’s status and describes current material culture. Her work has been shown at the Guild (2015, Montréal), at the Artist Project (2017, Toronto), at Materia (2019, Quebec City) and at Espace Parenthèses (2021, Quebec City). She participated in an art residency in Iceland in 2019 and also presented her work there. Since 2021, her work is shown on the Artroduction platform.



I create abstract textile objects which act as witnesses to their own production. In the process of making these sculptures, there is a constant movement between decision-making (intention, formal choices) and constraints imposed by materials and techniques. Quite often, the initial choices are overthrown by constraints – never the opposite; thus, the form generates itself. I make a connection between my work and generative art that emerges from a system, rules and constraints. Ultimately, I wish to create objects that are the only compromises that can possibly exist between the initial idea and the feasibility. This way of working puts forward the potentiality of materials and techniques. With a semi-scientific research process, I create witnesses of what only a specific technique or material can do, of what justifies using them.




Graduated 2021 Bachelor in Visual and Media Arts | Laval University, Québec City
Graduated 2015 Technical degree: Crafts – Textile construction | Maison des métiers d’art (MMAQ), Cégep Limoilou, Québec City
2010-2011 30 credits completed: Bachelor in Fine arts – Textile major | NSCAD, Halifax
Graduated 2009 College degree : Visual arts | Cégep de Sainte-Foy, Québec City



2019 TC2 residency | Textílmiðstöð, Blönduòs, Iceland


Advanced training

2019 E-textiles | Ryth Kesselring, MMAQ, Québec
2018 TC2 weaving | Cathryn Amydei, The Jacquard Center, Hendersonville, USA
2018 Ondulé weaving | Amy Putansu, Clyde, USA
2018 Pointcarré software | Louise Lemieux-Bérubé, MMAQ, Québec
2017 CMYK process screenprinting | Samuel Breton, Engramme, Québec
2015-2016 Private mentoring in electronics integrated to textiles | Amélie Proulx, Québec


Awards and grants

2019 Travel grant | LOJIQ – Residency project in Iceland
2019 Personal development grant | Surface Design Association – Residency project in Iceland
2019 Creation Grant | CALQ, Crafts – Residency project in Iceland
2019 Creation Grant | Première Ovation, Crafts – Residency project in Iceland
2018 Travel grant | LOJIQ – Specialized workshops in North Carolina
2018 Training grant | CALQ – Specialized workshops in North Carolina
2017 Travel grant | LOJIQ – European Craft Days, Paris
2017 Production grant (acquisition of equipment) | SODEC, Emerging artist
2016 Travel grant | CALQ, Emerging artist – Artist Project, Toronto
2015 Creation Grant | Première Ovation, Crafts
2015 Grand Prix MMAQ
2015 Prix Telus Expression Textile


Professional experience

2022 Artist/owner, specialist and artist for Philip Gagnon’s exhibition La pratique contractuelle d’Anne-Marie Groulx | Regart, Lévis
2020 Jury member – Crafts | Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Québec
Since 2017 College educator in weaving (advanced and introductory courses) | MMAQ, Québec
Since 2017 Weaving workshop | Festival Twist, Association des tisserands du Québec, Écoles en réseau, elementary schools
Since 2017 Private mentoring in Jacquard weaving with artists
2017 Jury member – Visual arts, crafts and media arts grant | Première Ovation, Manif d’art, Québec


Solo exhibitions

2021 System-joint-objet-masse | Espace Parenthèses, Québec
2017 Tropicamour | Aliette-Marchand Library, Québec
2017 Tropicamour | Paul-Aimé-Paiement Library, Québec


Collective exhibitions

2022 Foire en art actuel de Québec | Espace 400e, Québec
2022 Clara Cousineau, Anne-Marie Groulx, Samuel St-Aubin | Galerie 3, Québec
2021 Starting an art collection | Galerie 3, Québec
2021 Nouer | Materia, Québec
2020 Artroduction | Galerie 3, Québec
2020 Outdoor exhibition | Selected from the Première Ovation 2018-2019 cohort. Manif d’art, Québec
2020 Encann’: Ça déménage | Invited artist, online auction. Centre Regart, Lévis
2019 Textile stories | Residency exhibition, Textílmiðstöð, Blönduòs, Iceland
2019 Jacquard and abstraction | Centre Materia, Québec | Curator : Jeanne Couture
Since 2017 Le musée ambulant (Travelling Museum) | Travelling exhibition in elementary schools in the Province of Quebec | Curator and educator : Jeanne Couture and Catherine-Ève Gadoury
2017 Artist Project, Untapped Emerging Artist Competition | Better Living Center, Toronto
2015 Néon | Canadian Guild of Crafts, Montréal



2020 Première Ovation – Volume 10, 2018-2019 cohort
2020 Icelandic Textile Center Art Residency Catalogue – 2019 | Anne-Marie Groulx, p.62-63
2018 Complex Weavers Journal – October 2018, No. 118 | Tropicamour, Anne-Marie Groulx’s first two solo shows, by Anie Toole, p.6-8.
2017 Première Ovation – Volume 7, 2015-2016 cohort | Foreword by Stéphanie Requin Trembay p.13 / Main article p.50-51


Collections and other diffusion

2020 Artroduction online platform | Galerie 3, Québec
2020 Private collection | Quebec
2017 Private collection | Paris
2017 Le musée ambulant | Québec



2018… Surface Design Association member | Las Vegas, USA
2017… Member and head of the Jacquard weaving research committee | MMAQ, Québec